Navegatium is a Personal Imaging Workstation capable of performing 2D, 3D and X-Ray reconstructions using DICOM images with an intuitive touch interface.
It is the only of its kind designed to run on Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets and to be commercialized worldwide directly on the Windows Store.
Bringing together a new approach in user experience and a powerful 2D/3D visualization engine, Navegatium allows you to view and organize DICOM images from local drive, removable media or PACS servers like you have never done before.


  • Compatible with the following DICOM modalities: CT, MR, PT, CR, DX, RF, MG, XA and NM (multi-frame and color images are currently not supported).
  • Compatible the following DICOM transfer syntaxes: lossless (JPEG LS/2000/14SV1/14, RLE); lossy (JPEG LS Near/2000/1/2.4); uncompressed (Explicit/Implicit VR Little/Big Endian).
  • Import/export DICOM studies to/from local HDD/SSD folders, USB drive, CD/DVD (import only) and synced cloud service like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.
  • Query, retrieve and send studies from/to multiple PACS servers (WADO, C-FIND, C-MOVE, C-STORE SCP/DICOM Listener, C-STORE SCU/DICOM Send).
  • Automatically organize all DCM files into a DICOM hierarchy (patient/series/images) with easy sorting for quick acess.
  • Search PACS and local images by name, date or modality.
  • Intuitive touch interface: a beautiful user interface crafted in detail from ground up to use the latest multi-touch gestures interaction technology.
  • High-quality multiplanar (MPR) reconstruction in the three main anatomical planes (axial, sagittal, coronal), volume reconstruction (3D), x-ray projection and original acquisition images display.
  • Manipulation tools: scroll, zoom, pan, 2D/3D rotate, dynamic windowing, windowing presets, color palettes, POI, reference lines, sync. Manipulate the images with the touch of your hands!

…and much more

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